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Viscous Fan Clutch - Convert To Permanent On?

My 350 SDL with a 142K miles on it has what appears to be a failed fan clutch again after replacing it 40K miles ago (car at 100C can grab blades and stop at idle - turn motor off & fan continues to spin 2-3 seconds - cltuch is bad correct?) Car is running hotter than usual and everything else in the cooling system seems to check out so far.

I live in Florida so I'm thinking it might be good if this fan were converted to a constant "on" condition and just let the thermostat do it's thing. Has anyone done this? Good or bad idea? If good, how would I make the conversion and not have to worry about parts flying off?

When this clutch is working properly is the clutch engaged at 75-85 MPH when needed to cool or does it have a maximum RPM limit where it free-wheels, do the high spped electrical radiator cooling fans take over at a certain RPM instead.

Does anyone make an aftermarket fan that is clutchless?

Thank you.

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