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The trouble will be working on a seat at the PYP if you can't get power to it. You have to slide the seat aft to get to the very tight screws that go up into the seat at the front corners. Hopefully you can get to the 4 bolts attaching the seat to the car and there's room to open the door enough to get the seat out.

I don't see fry catchers on your seats. If you find seats without fry catchers or can pry them out of the way, you should be able to release the seat bottom tex from the seat frame then work on the unseen side to release the tex with pad from the seat frame. Use bolt cutters on the springs if you don't feel like wrestling hog rings.

I got a set of 90-up seats for $230 and haven't looked back. You should decide if new pads on -89 seats are more comfortable than used 90-up seats before rejuvenating your seats.

87 300D
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