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My only concern is the expense of the job. I'm not concerned about parts prices. With my car, open all the windows, open the sunroof, its 95% like a convertible, so I could forgo using the AC altogether.

I would tackle it myself, I've had most of the dash apart before anyway, but I don't have the patience nor the allowance of downtime of the car for the amount of time it would take me, plus I'd be weary of breaking something on accident.

Just last night I had the center concole all apart, while wiring in my new hands free cell phone kit, that included most of the dash too, apart form the gauge cluster, I had the glove box, console, and all completely out of the car. Reinstallation wasn't bad, some of the nuts were tricky to get to though.

I'm going to recharge it in a week or two, and see how it does. I might see about adding a small amount of the dye as suggested to see what happens. I will most likely end up paying my mech to do it, but not at this point in time.

Thanks for all the advice. I realy don't see it as being too torublesome with the CD manual description and pictures, but I think to do this job I would need to have paper and other manuals besides the MB cdrom to really tackle it as the mb cdroms are somewhat vague.

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