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I don't doubt that I could do it. Like I said I don't have the patience to do it. The main factor here is the cost. People have sold cars because of things like this, but I'm never selling it. hehe

I know all to well about breaking things. My brother and I replaced the heater core in his range rover. only to find out that we made a mistake and ended up breaking the heater box, but the core works fine. LOL

it took 15+ hours to removed and replace it in that car, and that car comes apart quite easily.

I should go to ajunkyard I suspect, and try to find a car with the interior stripped out but with the evaporator still there, just so I can get a look inside and see.

Like I said My mech wasn't too optimistic about doing the job. Not that he can't do it, he can do it, its just the time involved for him to do it that he dreads. ehhe

As far as laws, its their word against mine that I actually knew it was leaking. I've never ever heard of anyone getting busted, or a ticket for leaking freon etc. I would say its not a major leak. Now I'm not saying I condone breaking the law, but many people drive cars that wouldn't even pass a crash test let alone a smog test. You don't see these cars being taken off the roads do you? At least not in california. Police have much more important things to worry about. Remember we have no annual inspections here in california, just the occasional smog check, which is based upont he car and year. some cars its once every 2 years, some its once a year, and some its twice a year. It all depends. OTher than that, we have no inspections that ensure cars must be operational 100% etc.

I'll look into that sealant, but I am weary as I don't want to damage any other area's of the system. But if it works, great, if not, I will still be looking at doing the evapoorator.

Thanks all for the advice. If I could spend a few days working ont he car form am to pm, I could proably do it myself, but I don't know if I want to tackle something like this. I consider my self an average DIY person, but I can tackle large jobs if I tried. I just never have the confidence to tackle those larger jobs.

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