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190e Still frustrating me

Ok guys, help me out here. My 1985 2.3 190e is driving me nuts.
After rebuilding practically all of the engine, I have the car running fair. It is idling at 1100, but pretty smooth. RPM's drop to 750 when in gear. It drives ok, but pings pretty bad on hard acceleration. Timing is DEAD ON. Gas is super premium. So I was out test driving the car tonight.. I did a 10 mile drive and on the way home when I came to a stoplight, the car shut off. It would not restart. It was like the battery was dead.. but it is a new battery. The car always appears to have a weak battery when the engine is hot. Also I was losing coolant out of the overflow tube. Why? The auxilary fan (electric) was on, and temp was reading about a 1/8th of an inch above 100C.

What would cause the engine to ping on acceleration if gas is fine and timing is right on? (high temp comes to mind, but temp seems normal). Also any ideas why the car stalls when comeing to a stop? One last thing (maybe a big thing) I pulled the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator and it was leaking fluid. I assume the diaphram is bad and replacement in necessary. Will this cause all my issues?
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