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I hope you don't think we are trying to chastise you here. We are all just concerned with the safety of our fellow mshop folks. The is an excellent site for auto a/c advice. If you want to safely continue with your a/c DIY I encourage it. But I would suggest that you learn the basic theory of refrigeration for your own safety. The can help you with specific questions, but you really need to learn the theory first.

If you will read the first few chapters of a refrigeration book, I think you will see what I mean. Once you know the basic principle it will open a new door for you. and the will help you with specifics.

There is a basic circle or diamond shaped diagram that is used to understand any system. It starts with the compressor compressing, then the pressurized gas goes to the condensor where it returns to liquid state then through an expansion valve or capillary that "sprays" the liguid into the evaporator where the expansion at that point causes a cooling effect, then the gas with heat romoved goes back to the suction side of the compressor and the process starts over again. I suggest that you read up on this principle and then you'll be much better prepared to learn and do.

Best of luck,
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