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Unhappy My w124 260e

I have started to have this bad overheating problem when I sit in trafffic my temp gauge goes off the scale until I turn my heater on high then it goes down. I flushed the radiator out but I don't know which it could be the viscous clutch or the radiator the car only has 100k on it and its an 87 I imported from germany. is the viscous clutch just connected with the one allen bolt in the middle to the engine or is there some other bolts I need to remove to get it off. the radiator temp feels equal all over no cold spots but I'm ready to replace it also. What is the chance the water pump fins are worn down someone said that could be the problem in another form but I highly doubt it. i also replced my rad cap since the old one didn't hold pressure. It's getting hot here in Cali so I want to fix it soon before I do more damage. Thanks in advance
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