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I need some reassurance

Well I went and looked at my engine at the tech's shop
and To see my engine sittin there out of the car make me
feel like my baby was in the hostpital. I got really sick and worried.

The tech wasn't there but his helper was and I looked at the engine without the valve covers on and the chain was still intact on the left side, the plastic upper pulley for the chain had some teeth missing,
but I don't know how in the hell the valves could be bad from that
small amount of damage. Is he bull s'nn me? Or and I just paranoid?

He says 4 valves are bad on the side with the broken plastic was and 2 on the right?

The heads were still on? I gave him the car on thursday and other than pulling the engine out he hasn't done anything to it yet!

Sorry I guess I'm venting or maybe I shouldn't have gone over to see it, but I don't know how the tech can come in at 12 noon everyday and have it back to me in 7 working days.

Thanks for the forum to wonder, ask, and vent!
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