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Sunroof question for M.B Doc

My trusted MB dealer in SE CT has just told me that one of the pop-up brackets in the sunroof of my '94 E320 wagon is badly damaged and with the headliner, parts and labor the job will be about $1200 (please consider regional costs in your reponse, CT is high in everything). They have always been very straight forward and treated me very well in the past. However I have read here that the roof liner ($330) is removable and may be re-used if not damaged. The question is:

Does this $$ for this job seem outrageous?

Is the headliner part of the sunroof mechanism?

I was told that the job is about 6 hours worth of labor. Is this accurate?

I have also read that in this model the sunroof is problematic. What should I look for next. I use it often.

Thanks for your time.
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