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300e Buying Tips

I am going to give up on my 190e and find a nice 300E. I have a somewhat limited budget (all my money is in the 190E) of $6000.
In my area (Upstate NY) I am finding that this budget gets me 1986 - 1988 cars with 140K or so. Assuming the car has been taken care of reasonably well, what are the major problems I can expect to deal with? Is there a short list of "Usual suspects" that everyone knows has to be addressed on 300E's at some aproximate mileage? IE: Beltsalways at 100K, valves usually at 180K, Wiring harness about 125K? I need a list of things to plan for, so my wife does not kill me. I will have a local independent MB shop look it over before plunking any money down. I am looking at cars only from dealers (not MB dealers) that are covered under my state's lemon law and or have a limited warranty.
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