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Originally Posted by JimmyL View Post
Anybody up for this???

I think the picture is a hoax. What is stopping the 2x4 from slipping as it is bearly touching the ground?

On a different safety issue. There was 1 guy in UK ran over by his OWN car a few years back. He was using a self starter at the front of the engine with the hood up. The car started up but it was in gear. Most cars are manual in UK. It ran over him and he was history. Sad but true.

We cannot be more careful when we work around cars. Some lessons I learned:

1) Always wear safety goggle when working underneath car or charging A/C.
2) Also holding wrench with hands in open or close position, it matters and I learned it the hard way.
3) Wear gloves if possible.
4) Jack stand, blocks etc as other have mentions
5) Keep the workarea clean and tidy
6) Don't mis-place tools, or try not to.

May be others - other members can chime in.
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