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Well, unfortunately it's pretty obvious from the puddle underneath the car and the immense moaning sound when turning that made me check the PS reservoir. I made sure to top of the fluid every morning for about a week and it continued to get worse, I could only go about 7 miles before it would be close to empty (I don't believe in trying the sealants as fix) - make sure you use MB Steering gear oil. I was hoping it was the o-ring between the PS reservoir and the PS pump. Checked the boots on the rack and saw they were torn. The leak is usually at the end seals under the boots. It's a bit of a job to get the old rack in/out. I had my shop do it since I don't have a lift...I believe it's a 6hr+ job by the book. You will also most likely need new tie rods as they usually seize on (mine were replaced a year prior so were still removable). You will need an alignment as well.
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