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Sorry, I didn't see your post this morning, no time to look until now. Maybe I can clear a few things up, maybe not.
First, yes, this is a 2 part system, RF (radio frequency) and IR (Infra-red).
The RF is what works the central locking system. The range that I have noticed is about 30 feet or so for RF minimum.
The IR is only used for the convenience features (lower or raising of windows and sunroof). This is line-of-sight only, and has to be aimed at the small receiver on the front door handles or trunk. This is a safety feature, they want line of sight to make sure nothing or no one blocks the windows when raising. You can get out there maybe 10 to 15 feet for this to work, assuming good aim. There are a few things that can affect the IR. Because we humans can't pick up on IR light very well, it's hard to know exactly what the conditions are at the time for IR interference. In general, the range will be reduced in bright sun, and solar flares, not sunspots, can affect IR range. Some vehicle colors can also affect range, either the vehicle the system is being operated with or even another vehicle parked close by. The more metallic in the paint the more pronounced this is, especially silver. One method for testing for IR interference is to test when IR interference is least present: try using the convenience system at night and see if the range increases.
If the range of the RF is a problem, then i don't have much to offer. The keys are new, so the batteries are also. May be a problem with the vehicle itself, not the keys.
ps: also on the RF system, possibly a window tint with metallic in it ie "polarized" tint, may also affect RF range, and also possibly "overspray" of a metallic color I suppose would be another possiblity. Try testing the RF system with the side windows rolled down. If your main complaint is IR reception, possibly wax, armor-all, etc on the outside IR receivers?

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