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Transmission problems for '64

Hi all,
I'm new here and this is my first post. This site seems like an AMAZING resource for MB owners and enthusiasts.

Heres my story:
After just getting my 1964 220S back on the road after a while, after a 100Mile trip I encountered a possible transmission (auto-transmission) problem just about 3 miles from home (Isn't that always the way?). The symptoms are that it seems to run fine in 1st and sometimes 2nd gear (basically low gears), but won't really gear up higher then that. Also, some times it just seems like I hit the gas peddle and nothing happens. I mean, when it first starts to go from a stop it seems fine, then it seems like the gas pedal hardly even works, even with the pedal to the metal.

Question1: Does this sound like a transmission problem?

Question2: For a guy who doesn't have "alot" of money would you take it into the dealer or take it to some garage with a Russian mechanic who claims to have pretty good/ half decent Mercedes knowledge?

Question3: Could it be any other sort of problem?

Question4: If it is a transmission problem, does it sound like a minor or major problem.

Thanks in advance for any help regarding this matter, I'm truly sad that after waiting so long and finally having this car up and running, it looks like it needs to go back to the shop. I have to admit, this message board as peaked my interest in this car, I had had thoughts of selling the car in the past.
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