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NO RF reception, and must be the car, not keys

I agree, the RF section of the car has to be bad. It is worse than POOR RF reception, there is NO RF reception.

I have 4 keys that all work perfectly for all IR functions and all don't work for any RF function at any distance. I could put the key inside the car and it won't work, nor will it work right next to the car. Yes RF is totally out on the car. IN IR mode, all of the functions do work, every one. I doubt it could even be the RF antenna it has to be the RF receiver. Where is the fuse line for that?

FYI apparently my situation proves that the key's IR abilities totally back up all of the usual RF abilities, perhaps as a fail-safe.
Every function works even for me, only for me they all need "aiming" at the door.

Thx for your response.
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