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When I make a decision it is based on facts not emotions. Although I love/adore/admire/worship the Mercedes, if reality is that they suck , then it is not a good buy. Like a Ferrari, A freind has one and you need all this major and expensive work all the time (ever wonder why Ferraris for sale ALWAYS have low miles? B/c too expensive to maintain and the break down), but the owners lust over these cars, as I imagine anyone who would buy a Mercedes knowing the headaches / money involved must be... even me

An update on my potential buy. The dealer called me today and said he would let it go for $13K (he's had it since end of Feb/beg of March), so if he offered it at $13K I know he will go lower . And he said he can sell me an extended warranty for $1100. I am going to go test drive the car today/tommorrow and get a copy of the warranty to see how it would cover the f-ups the MB has (wireing, head gasket, evaporator...................). What if the part doesn't go bad during the warranty, even though it will go bad sooner or later? Oh well, yet another issue I just thought of .

Theoritically thinking, if I get the car for $12K and add the $1100 for warranty I might do it, as total purchase would be $13K
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