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Yea it kind of sounds like it may be a "cluster" associated with a fuse(s) that controls those...By the way, does anyone know how one would go about this scenario: ON my 560 SEL, the ONLY fuse related failure I have is my blower motor stopping and upon inspection, I noticed that this particular space in the fuse box has been melted down to where the metal connection is pretty much gone and therefore the fuse doesn't connect.

I find myself having to press it down (and tearing the copper from another fuse and sticking it down the hole to act as an artificial conductor to the fuse for it to work). Would I have to replace the whole fusebox or can just that section be removed so that I can replace it with a fuse space that can accomadate the fuse the right way? The more it melts the plastic, the further down the fuse goes,disconnecting because the top metal prong can't make contact and then I have to tear up another fuse to put the metal BACK down into the hole in order to lift the fuse back up to make contact. Any suggestions? I'll also get those fuse #'s for you when I look under mine in a minute.Hopefully it can help YOUR situation in trying to figure this out.

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