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Ok, I hope it's just a fuse-problem too. I left it at the dealer and have to pick it up later since I got two cars at once. Couldn't resist the deal

They said it all worked and suddely nothing did after someone testdrove it - so it just sounds like a bad connection.

I noticed on the 300E I got that the fusebox is a major problem. I have to wiggle fuses to get stuff to work all the time. And I never liked those fuses anyways. Being knowledgable in electronics I've decided to remove the whole thing and replace it with a newer type fusebox. About to start that project today on the 300. I'll resolder all the connections to the new fusebox and hopefully I'll never again have a fusebox problem

After this I'll start hunting down bad wires and connectors all around the car. I found a bunch already as I tore apart the interior and resoldered some.

I'll post updates on the exchange if anyone is interested. So far it looks like I'll go with a fusebox from AutoZone I found. $3.49 each for 4 fuses, and they can be stacked together. Will do a fit-test tonight to see...
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