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Cool Test drove the 320E

Well, I went over at lunch and took the MB 320E for a test drive... ....... very nice, typical quiteness, solid, suspension doesn't feel like it would be sagging at 102K miles like on an American car...

The last service at the MB dealership (has their stamp on it is 82,500, but between 45-50K miles and the 82.5K there are no stamps nor notations that services were performed, although I am confident it was based on the overall condition of the unit. Then from 82,500 no service documents .A/C cools (but it could very well have a slow freon leak and work fine for now as I have read in the archives) .

The dealer offered me an extended warranty from (lyndon insurance) for $1255 for 24/24 and they will cover this unit with the 102K miles. Dealer said he would eat half the cost on the insurance . I have some questions on it , but will post a seperate thread for that insurance question.

I am totally
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