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Re: What about...

Originally posted by Jim Anderson
Crash worthyness.
Resale value.
Higher potential of electrical troubleshooting costs.
-Crash worthiness - They are both , bmw and mb, adequately built to be very safe cars.
-Resale Value- Are you kidding? The 320E was $45K new, and 7 yrs later, they are at $10K-$15K........same depreciation percentage as the bmw or probably most other cars....all vehicles depreciate. That is actually what attracted me to MB, well one of the reasons.... the nice depreciation they take, great for the used car buyer as I
-Higher "potential".... vs the MB-You ARE going to have evaporator problems, you ARE going to have to pay the 15-19 hr labor to fix it, you ARE going to have the head gasket problem, and you ARE going to have the wiring problem......... I'll go with "potential"...

Note , that those are facts, and I STILL STILL STILL Love the MB, just looking at facts, as I stated before.

Maybe with this warranty thing I will be ok..
thanks for you comments
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