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Extended warranties

Ok, I got the extended warranty brochure for my potential 1995 320E 102K (almost typed 1002K ) miles....... It will cost me about $625 (dealer picking up half the tab of $1250).

-Covers the car 24 months, 24K miles. So it will be more like 1 1/2 yrs for me....
-Name of the company - ; Lyndon Property Insurance Company. Anybody have this company for the extended warranty?
-It covers alot. I looked for some specific things and it looks like it would cover it. What do you guys think?
a. head gasket isn't going to be covered, as it says it is only covered up to 100K miles (just read that ...not a good start ).
b. a/c evaporator - It states it will cover it, but only a factory installed unit. No big deal I guess, no?
c. wiring harness - It specifically shows "wiring harness" as being covered.

Now, all I would have to eat would be the $625 insurance cost and the head gasket issue since it isn't covered. Guess, it is still worth it.

With my luck the wiring harness nor the evaporator will malfunction until the warranty is up. What are the chances that they will last past 124K miles ? hopefully, not much..... I imagine at payment for repairs time, these companies will give you a hassle. Any experiences in filing claims?

Thanks guys.
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