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Originally posted by Arthur Dalton
[B But consider that the E320 is now becoming of age that many have had these problems early on and they have already been taken care of.
Wire harness and head gaskets more so than evaporators...

So, if a service history search shows these repairs, this is a good solid car well worth the going market. [/B]
You have a point, but being that the last serice logged was at around 85K (I think carfax showed a sale at that time), and now 102K, the window for fault/repair on those items would only be 15K miles or so .... My point? not sure..,

Let's see what happens...... If I can get a decent price on the car, and get the service history at the MB and do the pre purch insp ( I got a nice extensive list from one you guys..thanks) comes out OK, then it will be mine.

I am in no hurry, he has had the car sitting there 90 days, and this week is hectic....hopefully we can negotiate a deal next wk. ACTUALLY, I am going to wait for HIM to call me
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