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Hi Peter,
I know what you are trying to say. I have had no problems with the turn signal bulbs when driving to San Francisco for school (USF). Even at night, no hassles what so ever. When driving around my home town, about an hour north of the City, I do end up in a little trouble because the cops here have nothing else better to do. I don't mean it in a negative manor--it's just that they get get really picky, and they have a right to.

The bulbs I have are not blue; they are very bright white PIAA's. I put them in the slots for the rear turn-signal, and they look very nice, especially behind the 1/2 smoked 94/95 tail lights.

In the City when driving, I never have any issues with my stereo or lights. There are countless RICE rockets EVERYWHERE with tottaly illegal lights--worst ones are the ones in oncoming traffic with poorly aimed pseudo-xenon lights blinding everyone in their path. I have nothing against them, but they do at times become quite irritating.


Bye the way, when I did get pulled over, the police officers in both situations didn't write me up for a fix-it ticket, or anything else. They just bothered me about it and let me go. I think they were just giving me a hard time.
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