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M119 Radiator Overheating

I have a 99 s420 with 45k miles. I thought my overheating problem was due to the cats but I replaced everything from the cats to the rear muffler and 02 sensors but still I am staying at around 100C (MOSTLY ON HIGHWAY). I have had my coolant changed at the dealer, so I think it is not my coolant/H20 ratio. The dealer performed a roar test twice and reported it stayed at 84C. Also I have had my oil pump switched out too. With my generous warranty dwindling to an end, I was wondering if my radiator is the culprit. Please post on what should I do?

Also on my 97 E320 rear door, there is some crackling noise once I it is moved and it doesnt slam good. Is the problem my door check straps.
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