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On the front:
I would rate those upper strut mounts as optional. They seem to hold up well. I bought new ones, but could not detect any wear after 190K miles. Of course, they are only about $25 each, and go in easy.

Check those front balljoints. If the struts are worn out, it is likely that the balljoints are finished as well. At around $20 each, these are worth replacing when you do the struts. This is a little more work (they are pressed in), but the benefit is that you should not need to take the front suspension apart again for another 100K or more. I was actually able to replace these without removing the arm (or the spring) on my friend's car last weekend, which saved us a lot of trouble. (!Thanks to advice obtained from this board!)

Control arm bushings are worth a glance, though they do tend to last longer than the other pieces. Replacing these would mushroom the project, since the springs would have to come out.

Another tip: Do not throw those old struts away until you have salvaged the plastic clip that secures the wires to the ABS sensor and pad wear sensor. The new struts will not include these.

Warning: Be really careful working around those loaded springs. Make sure the stand under the arm is very secure, particulary before knocking out the balljoints. If the springs were to get loose, they could hurt you bad!

Lastly, I would suggest Bilstein HDs over Comfort. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but the handling is markedly more taught, without being harsh.

Good luck with your project.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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