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Neo Oil cost and specs

Hi Don,
I was looking at the Neo web site and found the info. The link below will take you to the page with the options to look at the specs for each oil. Granted they don't give much info on that each page, but they seem to have little tidbits all over the web site. As I am on a T1 I am able to look at all the pages as fast as I want. So time is not an issue when it come to 30 pages to look over.

There are several places to purchase the oil and one has the 20w50 oil for $9.97 per qt or you can get bulk discounts. The gallon size is $35.88 or 8.97 per qt or the 5-gallon size (about 3 yearís worth of oil changes) is $172.86 or $8.64 per gallon. If you can go 20k to 25k on an oil change, then that works out to $43.20 for the first change (oil only) travel 20k and it works out to $60.48 for oil with a filter change every 5k. Figure the total oil cost divided by the number of miles and get 0.003024 cents per mile. Factoring in the cost of recycling would only be once a year because a half-qt would not be worth taking in, so I would just wait until the next oil change.
With Mobil1, $4.97qt here X5qts=24.85. Since I would never consider going over 5000 with the new Mobil1 thatís $99.40 with no filter change between changes. Total oil change cost per mile would be 0.00497 cents per mile (not exactly twice, but close). Then figure all the extra time in recycling the oil, the fuel to take the oil in and the extra time and it works out to be much more expensive to use Mobil1.
I'm sure you can say the same things with Amsoil, but it would be much cheaper as the oil is not as expensive as Neo.
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