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[B]Neil, dont go dumping all your change into the EA and throttle actuator.. As mark did I replaced the nuetral safety switch,and also I replaced the brake stop lamp switch. Both of these components store cods in the ASR control unit,and the Elelctronic accelerator. You should run a VMI on your car and see if the throttle actuator has ever been replaced. Chances are I bet it was at one time under warranty. Since Mark and I did ours I have no more ASR intermittents at all. I also repaired an S320 and 400E and a 500E. With the Similiar complaints They have not been back. Rem how much wear these components, the brake stop lamp switch,think how many times you depress that pedal.
Do these first, Also make sure your throttle cable. I had one where the cable was broken on the engine side causing the ASR to go haywire. Neil if you give me your vin I can run a VMI for you or just go to your local cutter motors ask your advisor for a VMI print out from there you can see a hist of **** that was done

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