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Damn, I miss my W124 back home! I mean the W123 is a great car but greater is the W124! (in almost every way.. except maybe the puny 2.3L M102 (???) motor in the 230E - the car feels just as "fast" as my 300 Diesel)

Here it is with some Replica 16" wheels and Z-Rated (waste) 215/55/ZR16 Dunlop SP9000's. I dig the dark orange blinkers though (I had the clear ones and later traded them in for the orange ones).

The muffler is Lorinser made specifically for the 4-cylinder W124's.. I think it's too loud for my taste.. especially after a prolonged hot driving(it's always at least 98F in Jakarta)

Well obviously the headlights are not US lights. There was a huge demand for them though (US W124 headlights in Jakarta..)

Notice that it doesn't have an antenna near the trunk (I don't know where the antenna is, but it is there)

I know it's not such a great color for some, however I love it and if I were to repaint my W123 it'd be that same color.

I was also considering the SLK's wheels (7-spoke I think) in brushed aluminum. However, they were a tad more expensive than these.
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