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Why did you need new cooling lines? My car had a tranny replacement (dealer) about 30k miles ago. I think it was a shoddy job because it doesn't really shift 100% correct (suspect VB) and there were leaks when I first got it 10k miles ago. The cooling lines are known leak points specially if tranny service has been performed because they obviously have to be disconnected. In my case we found that the seals on both sides were the wrong size causing leaks. My mechanic said that he had done exactly the same thing on some other customer's 300E the week before and replaced mine for free - no more ATF on the floor. Of course, I had established a customer relationship worth a couple of thousand bucks with him on account of my head gasket and wiring harness jobs plus various maintenance items. Don't know if I'm lucky but I did look around quite a bit for someone I could trust before I settled on this guy...
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