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Thanks for the comments, I will keep them in mind as I get closer to decision time...... the cramped, blah interiors are subjective based on the person.

I will give you my opinion on the interiors.... The BMW has it going all the way....I like the layout and has alot more info for the driver, I feel. The MB, on the other hand is more traditional and simple, I would say looks less modern than the BMW. The MB dash, looks the same on a 79, for example, as it does on the 95. MB didn't spend money on making look more modern. Not a problem, remember I DO like the MB also, just 2 different interiors based on taste.

Interior cramped? My opinion...the BMW is a more sporty car, therefore tighter interior, seats contour you, you feel you sit IN the car. The MB has comfort and ROOm, which the BMW doesn't. Matter of taste. The MB is more of a luxury car, period. And the BMW is more of a sports/luxory car, bottom line.

You can't keep comparing the 5 series to the 320E because of price. I am comparing apples to apples based on price. You can't pick up a 95-96 528 for the same price of the 95-96 328 / 93-95 300E/320E, guess the BMW depreciates less, since I have to compare the MB to a 3 series. That doesn't say alot for MB, I guess.

Let's keep brainstorming on this..... So far it hasn't become a flame war, just comparison/discussions.

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