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An old German mechanic gave me the tip for removing the screens - get a long thin very sharp screw and gently turn it into the screen just so it grabs and lift the screen out. the sharp point will not leave a big enough hole to cause problems. Yes I replaced the two fuel lines (feed and return) They were a pig to get out and in around the rear axle area by the gas tank - but 4 hours and a little cussing and a couple of beers later it was done. It really helps if you can get the car on a hoist to manouver the lines when replacing - we didn't have one and just jacked up the the driver's side as high as we could. When we picked up the feed line from one end to take it to the bench to inspect - it broke in half from it's own weight - it was so rusted. If you are worried about making too big a hole in the screens - order a set from Phil and keep them as standbys - they are cheap. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of the fuel filter idea until now!!!
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