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Read some more

Scroll over to the right side of the screen when you find what you are looking for. You will see: "test step/remedy". If you are a 10 on the 10 scale using electronics, you can interface the on-board computer using a multimeter (Lucas or Lambda) to read the codes.

You can even clear the codes using the ignition on/off sequence in the remedy section and a couple of wires to ground out and erase the codes.

Now that I have you fotally contused, forget the whole idea. You said that you have an ASR defeat so when/if you go into "Limp D Mode" kick on your ASR defeat and continue on your way in a more "spirited driving" mode.

When the intermittent becomes always you will know that you are there because your "check engine" led will come on. When it does, check your oil pressure gage at 1500 rpms - should be "3". and coolant temp gage. If both in normal operating range, ignore ce led. This is when you will wanna clear all stored codes including the ce and restart engine. shut engine off and read the code. Whatever is in there should be the culprit and it should be down to one code by that time.

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