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for someone who SEEMS well're not doing your homework.....if you go to kelley blue book and look up a 95 530i BMW.....(NO SUCH THING AS A 528 IN 1995)...THE value of the car would be 20,400.00 (url:;922206&;r&40;BMW;1995%205%20Series&8;BM;M1&) the same comparison with a E320 sedan and well guess what?
same price $20,400.00.... (url:;646966&;r&40;Mercedes-Benz;1995%20E-Class&8;MB;AC&)...before you make statements like depreciation is less for a bmw is less you should really look at the facts...if you're basing your opinions on what you see on the windshield of a car on a lot...well then i've got a bridge to sell you in the middle of the mojave desert... and just to show you how different the 3 series and E class are: Kelley blue book puts the 95' 325i at $17,500.00 (url:;994948&;r&40;BMW;1995%203%20Series&8;BM;A2&)....i don't know where you see the pricing being the same...maybe you can tell that 17,500 is the same as 20,400?
best thing to say is this...seems like the salesperson has really got you sold on a measley 3 series bmw which is wonderful, he's done his job...believe me i used to sell cars...

and on the final note:

no such thing as a 528 in 1996 either...
the next up would be a 1997 528i BMW...which sells for 27,700
and guess what!!!!!!

1997 E320 sells for 30,000
(even the M3 sedan sells for less than the E320 at a mere 28,800)..

so please check on your statistics before posting...also
get the bmw...seems like you love it more....
versus ending up hating a benz....

hope this helps...
and remember text tends to be very unemotional

woo hoo!!!!
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