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the saddest thing is i know so many bmw owners that wish they had mercedes benz's....
my boss' wife drives a 325i that she owns (96) and they've already had to sink 2000.00 into the auto tranny...1,200.00 into the cooling...and she hates driving it...totally loves driving my boss' 1998 C230...and that's a baby you tell me....
why would a satisfied 325i owner like driving a smaller benz?

i dunno..
maybe it's because the benz is not a bmw...?

when i was looking to buy i was looking at a 95 735il and a 96' 540i
well the funniest thing was that the owner of the 735il was selling his because he didn't drive it anymore...what did he drive instead? a E430....what did his wife drive...E320....

in the case of the 540i....
the guy bought it for his son who then wanted to get a C240 dad was stuck with selling the 540i....

i've even had reputible bmw mechanics tell me that if i don't have the money in the bank dedicated to keeping up a idea would be to LEASE and keep jumping into a new one when my lease is up....

so there...
i hope this helps yoshi, you future BMW owner you....

here at the law firm that i work at (75% mb drivers) out of those 75%, 25% used to be BMW drivers...
three of the attorneys here that have bmw's currently are waiting for their leases to allow them a transition to mb's...
so go figure!!!
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