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THanks again for the info. I am only playing devil's advocate... guess no one reads the tech area with all the problems on Mercedes? I guess there will be problems with either brand.

Here is the deal/.....
If $ were no object and I didn't have to worry about a .... oh forget it , I don't want to cause any waves, I might be here forever if I buy the Mercedes .

To confirm how much I want the Mercedes not to have problems, so I would have no exuse NOT to buy...the background on my pc is the interior of a 95 320E . So, I am not trying to be confrontational. As for the prices I have.... forget kbb, I only go by my local market's price ( I have been looking at my auto traders going back to Feb, when I started looking and lurking for the car), so those are the realistic prices in this area (S. FL). KBB , for example, says the 320E 1995 w/102K miles is way more than anyone would be able to sell on for in these parts, maybe we have alot of Mercedes Benzs? Who knows.....

If all goes as planned, I will buy something by next week. If things go unrealistically well, it will be this week..... ..... To be honest after test driving the 320E yesterday, it sucked going back into my Chevy to drive back to the office :p
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