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I just installed Hella E-codes in my '92 300D; cost me $293 U.S. + $12 U.S. shipping, and I had them in 4 days. Got them from Paul at PUMA (, who also sold me proper 500E E-codes for $350/pair.

I stayed with the OE wiring; if it's good enough for MBZ, it's good enough for me, especially considering I'm running Hella "+50" bulbs, which are 55/60W but reportedly put out 50% more light than their standard bulb.Don't bother with over-wattage bulbs-for the hassles involved there is minimal gain with E-code lights. They are already pretty darn bright, dramatically moreso than the US/DOT crap our US cars come with

If I were to upgrade my bulbs, FWIW I really like PIAA Xtreme White bulbs (run 'em in my other cars; they are expensive, though, but PUMA has them cheapest)
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