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1. Did you try recharging the battery? Thanks to all the electo-gizmos on these cars, battery life seems to be about 4-5 years. Mine was pulling only 9.4V at 300A, so I had the dealer recharge the battery for a cost of $44. So far so good...

2. The belt tensioner and shock is a maintenace item, and seem to last about 4-5 years, regardless of mileage. Innovative method for ensuring the belt is always at it's proper tension, and I would guess it really extends belt life, as my serpentine belt looks like brand new at 118,000 km's.

3. The MAS is a known failure part on almost all late-model MB's, and other cars too. The price we pay for unltra-low-emissions. Our Mazda 626 required one, and the price blew me AWAY. $1300 for the part alone. Thankfully, the dealer had a near-new one of a wrecked 626, and actually gave it to us for free. Find an MB dealer that would do the same...
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