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190e 2.6 A/C

I've been digging through the archives for information about our wonderful AC systems. I can't seem to figure things out so I'm gonna post let the experts give it a try.

My AC was turning on, and working fine, then would cut out. Had the R-12 re-charged and worked fine for a couple of days. I never noticed it cutting out. Then the hot weather came and the AC would cut out and restart if the car was started. So i went snooping under the hood and found that the Aux fan fuse had an 8A fuse (which was blown) instead of a 16A fuse. Replaced that and the AC was running great, car would stay below 100C even during the hot weather in DC traffic.

Today, the AC just stopped working. I don't hear the compressor turn on when i push the AC button on, and it just blows hot air at me now. No fuses have blown. I have no clue as to what happened. Any advice will be greatly appreciated b/c it's now starting to get a toasty during the days and no AC won't be too fun in traffic.

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