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How are thing in good 'ol St Albert. I was out there a couple of years ago visiting / working with a colleague. Nice part of the the country!!
To answer your question, the techs reported that they did attempt to charge the battery but that it just wouldn't hold a charge. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they actually tried to charge it. As for the belt tensioner shock, one can't get too upset about a relatively inexpensive repair. Also, with respect to the MAS, my independent tech allowed me to drive around with a brand new MAS for a week without paying for it. He wanted to make sure that this is what was causing the engine light to come on. Sure enough, it was and I just drove in and payed for it. This is the kind of service that will keep me comming back. I know that this shop will not throw parts into my car unless it really needs them. BTW, for those of you who live in and around Canada's capital city (and no, I'm not talking about Toronto), the shop is called the Young Street Garage on Booth St in Ottawa. They specialize in Volvo, MB and Volkswagen and have been around for > 20 years. In fact, the original owner (the shop is now run by his son) worked at Mercedes in Stuttgart Germany.

Take care.
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