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I don't think so. The TDM shows primary resistance foir the coil 0 221 122 001 at 0.38 - 0.43 ohm. No figure for secondary winding.

The usual problem on D-jet cars that backfire when cold is a combination of too little timing and/or mixture too lean. Check your timing with the vacuum off the distributor. The spec 5 deg ATDC is for the vacuum on the distributor AND working. By removing the line the vacuum should increase at least 10 deg. So, if you take the line off it should be at 5 deg BTDC minimum to be in spec. I prefer to set those cars to zero to 3 deg BTDC with vacuum and if the vacuum don't work I will add ten degrees to that. So with the line off I am advising 10-13 deg BTDC.

This should give better than 15in vacuum at idle. Both timing and fuel mixture should be increased till you get maximum idle vacuum. Set while warm.
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