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Of course there is a fuse. I forget the car here but a 300E gets its power to the Klima relay from fuse #7.

The fuse is an 8amp and the clutch coil shouldn't take more than 3 amps. Most burned spots in circuits that are fused come from poor contact and high resistance. A shorted coil that take 5-8 amps will overload the whole circuit and the fuse is there to protect the wiring. Control units have to protect themselves and usually do this with some form of current limiting (electronically). I haven't had too much trouble with the Klima relay being taken out by clutch coils but I have had two mAS units that it happened on. The MAS is used for the compressor relay and there is a different compressor on those cars. Honda alo has great trouble with there coils on their Nippondenso compressors, so it seams to be a common problem overall.
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