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Jim Anderson

Originally posted by Jim Anderson
Peek in the sight glass, but I don't know if you could see anything worthwile if it isn't running.

And a possible new leak is the fill valve. It may have held just fine but when it was opener to fill it it may not have closed.

A quick check for any pressure in the system would be to quickly and lightly poke a valve and listen for any pressure coming out. Remember you will be releasing valuable freon and you may open a ozone hole over your car (close your sunroof) but it is a test that will tell you something, if you're inclined.

When the AC was running, I did peek at the little glass on the compressor and saw bubbles swimming on by, not sure if that's normal or means it's low on coolant. I did just re-charge it and i'm hoping it's not a leak. I think i'll leave the testing to the tech's b/c i'm not trying to have anymore repairs then necessary. Especially with this costly AC system. Thanks for you repy.

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