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w140 wipers .. right side no longer works..

hey guys its been a while since i ve been on.. i dunno it thats a good thing or bad thing.. hehe i am usually on when i break something.. well.. i need some help.. i broke the wipers on my w140 somehow.. i was driving through heavy rains this evening.. and all of a sudden i heard a pop and my right side wiper no longer worked.. it stayed in the upstroke position.. when i got home i tried to see what the deal was.. i cant fig it out.. the bolt holding the whole wiper arm moves while the wiper stays in a stationary position once the wipers are turned on. Another thing i have noticed is that there is a whole on the bottom of the wiper arm itself.. which looks like had a pin of some sort in it.. this is no longer present.. what can the prob be guys??

thanks again.. and i know u guys hate me for my screename.. but i am still in the process of converting.. hehe
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