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jsmith...Thanks, and a follow up

Should I try the modulator pressure adjustment first or the Bowden Cable, or should I just go to the shop with my warranty on the tranny and have them try it?
Since you have the same model, do you have these quirks, are they normal:
Overheats in hot weather at standstill when a/c is on, fans all working temp approaches the 120 mark and I have to turn off the a/c.
Idiot light for burned out bulb comes on with brakes occasionally, though no bulbs are out.
And lastly, I have been getting a trouble code 5 for EGR valve inop, but only this an easy fix? have you ever had this problem?
I love the car, it is a bit slow up hills (I dream of it being a 500e, oh well) Have you done any performance mods? I am too nervous of screwing it up, I have 160k miles.
Thanks for all your help, this forum is incredible, so many helpful people with prompt free advice, I almost feel guilty asking so many questions.
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