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Originally posted by mushedroom
hey yoshi,

keep one very very important thing in mind about kbb...
if your car gets stolen
trashed, etc...

your insurance gauges the value of your settlement on the kbb value of your if your market value is 5000 for a bmw but in kbb it is 2000, your insurance would give you something closer to the 2000 dollar mark...

you've got to keep all these factors in mind....
i'll have that on my side....
Why would I pay over kbb trade or retail? Maybe one of my prior posts was messed up. I am gauging purchase price off dealer trade in and work up from there on any car I buy. In my area, as I am sure in other parts, kbb retail and dealer price is inflated. So , I would be ahead in either car anyway (ie: just making up numbers, let's say the MB 320E retail on kbb is $18K, but I paid $12K, and it gets stolen, then I should get paid the $18K if that is the price on the car (same on the BMW).

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