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Originally posted by mushedroom
hey ke6dcj

wouldn't you say the E class is more comparable to the 5 series?

and the C class more comparable to the 3 Series?
What's the big deal, if those are not the cars I am looking at ? Its like if I was entertaining a mini van and an SUV; no, they aren't in the same class, both have positives / negatives and strengths/weaknesses when compared since they are made for different tasks. The 5 series isn't sporty enough, and much more expensive in my area (forget Kbb, pleeezzzzz).

The C class, just doesn't do it to me, I have entertained it, since I can get a newer one for the same price of an E class in my area. but it would have similar problems having the same engine as the 320E, I imagine. The C class , to me, kinda looks like a Honda Accord...look at it (my opinion). I do LOVE the interior and finish though, obviously very MB

On another note, my freind went to see the unit I have been looking at (95 320E 102K miles) and he was shocked how immaculate it was for the age/miles. On a sadder note , I gotta wait till next week for any deal to go through, as I will be out of town for the next few days )
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