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More on..gutting a cat

Hey Guys,

I felt obligated in the interest of science to put my 2 cents worth in...again.
Larry Bible stated that a cat emits sulpher compounds, technically not true, a cat converts HC to water ( H2O ) CO to CO2 and excess O2 to H2O, gasoline in St. Louis has the highest supher content of all gasoline in the country, this reacts only with the air (O2) in the combustion chamber to create sulpher dioxide-SO2, this will contribute to the destruction of the cat, SO2 once emitted in the exhaust, will react with rain to form sulphuric acid, ie. battery acid, also called "acid rain".
A further note, here in St. Louis, we have 1.5 million vehicles driving 50 million miles PER YEAR! emitting around 44 tons of HC, 660 tons of CO and 110 tons of Nitrous oxide compounds every year, and thats the CLEAN CARS, one city, one state, all that crap floats around the world.

Yes, cats are important
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