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I can't resist chiming in here.
The CDs suck.
What is the point of digital media that is not searchable?
They could have easily thrown us a bone and built an index.
I takes forever to find anything. You have to guess which category your topic is under, then you go down 10 pages, only to find that your topic is down some other branch in the 'tree'.
If I have to wait for that stupid AVI movie to load one more time, I will scream!
I have even played with the idea of building my own index to the individual PDF files, but hesitate to invest the time. I do save direct links to files I want to revisit, which helps.
I have to conceed that they are better than nothing, but certainly do detract from my 'ownership experience'.
The reason for producing a CD that is essentially pictures of a paper manual is that the margins are really good. It costs only a couple of dollars to produce a CD they can sell for $150. Paper manuals are much more expensive to produce and ship.

Too bad they did not farm the job out to Bentley. They produce first-rate paper manuals for VW/Audi and some BMWs. Their prices are reasonable considering the suberb quality.

Now that I got that off my chest, it should be noted that people on Ebay frequently sell bootleg copies on the cheap. Also, I will not rat them out, but some folks have helpfully posted the entire contents of several of the CDs on their websites. The CDs somehow look a whole lot better when they are free!
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