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Henry - Since you have no screens - I'd still put a fuel filter in the line by the distributor to catch any contaminants from the fuel line - good insurance if there is rust that will also protect your fuel distributor. My car sat for four years before I got it - water could have been sitting in the lines to cause my problem. Was your car sitting for a long time? In trying to solve my problem - my change list included: both fuel pumps, fuel filter, accumulator, idle valve clean, new distributor cap and rotor, new wires, new plugs - make sure you use copper NOT platinum plugs - as they can cause rough running, vacuum lines checked for leaks, compression test, air pump replaced, egr valve changed and I can't remember what else! I had the timing chain changed on mine with no difference. I took it to Mercedes for a diagnostic and got a clean bill of health. Still had the miss - until the lines were changed.The only other thing - if it acts worse cold - is the idle valve - have you taken it out and cleaned it real good with brake cleaner? If not clean it with brake cleaner until there is no more crud coming out - make sure the piston moves freely - then spray the inside with a coating of spray silicone and let sit for an hour for silicone to dry then reinstall. Before I cleaned my idle valve - the car had a buzzing sound from the engine when it was left sitting for a month and then started - as the engine warmed up it went away - cleaning the valve stopped that.I know your injectors are new - but if you have a little dirt from the fuel line getting through to them - they may need to be cleaned. I'd put the fuel filter into the fuel line by the distributor and pour Techron or other strong injector cleaner into the tank and drive it looking for an improvement in a few hundred miles.Keep me posted - I REALLY do feel your pain and will try to help.
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