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moedip - I really appreciate your advice.

the clacking sound goes in cycles - comes and goes. Warm or cold.

This car has 98k miles....

I've been reading Mike Tangas's adventures of rescuing a 560 from the junkyard. Quite amazing.

You think I'd be able to find an appropriate filter at TrakAuto?

One thing I know is if you've got one problem, you can usually get to it deductively. If you have two, you'll go crazy. My next steps will be:

1. check the wires at the idle control unit
2. install a clear fuel filter (also to monitor condition of the fuel line)
2. clean the idle air valve as you described

Any way I can test the cold start injector? In one post on this site a person pulled it, left it attached on the side, and then plugged the hole (of course with the car completely warmed up), and then started the engine.
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